Symbolz® Souvies® Peace Pals Zoovenir Zoovenir XL Itty Bit Tees Buckaroo Bandits

At The RGU Group, we specialize in quality souvenir and gift products that make lasting impressions. We are passionate in creating original, one-of-a-kind stuffed animals that are cute and cuddly, as well as collectible. Distinctive and delightful, our products are all about details. Uniquely designed with colorful graphics that represent each destination, our ultra soft plush animals offer retailers the invaluable opportunity to bring travelers and families closer together.

We’re adorable and educational. Not only do we provide snuggly souvenir items, but our Symbolz® and Souvies® lines feature hang tags that include facts about each locale, making each piece a true memento. State mottos and historical information give these products the added educational thumbs up!

Over the years, we have established a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of souvenir experts to serve you. Our chief plushologist and his lab assistants choose only the finest materials, appealing designs, and endearing features when developing our products. We are constantly introducing fresh new products as well as modifying our existing products to be the innovative leader in souvenir plush.